Are you sure that your house can withstand seismic activities? This is a question that not every homeowner has a ready answer for. Even those who are looking to buy a new house may have overlooked this very important question when making the decision. Every home should be able to withstand earthquakes, especially if it is located in California where the instances of earthquakes are very common.  


Newer homes that are erected by modern contractors using highly advanced tools may easily pass the earthquake test. This is because new homes have to comply with the local building codes, which normally include the guidelines on how to make a structure earthquake-proof. By simply adhering to the local laws, you’re almost sure that your property won’t easily be shattered by an earthquake.  

If you’re not sure if your home can withstand ground tremors, call professional retrofitters to help you out. As a matter of fact, every property owner should call them during the slightest shaking of the ground. Hire expert retrofitters to come and inspect the damages sustained by your property and have them fixed immediately. So even if your home is just built recently, you’re not spared. You still need the services of these professionals. And you will always need them every time there’s an earthquake.  

Retrofitting through House Bolting  

Protecting your home from property damage is one thing. Protecting your family from the perils of falling debris during an earthquake is another. Both of these instances are grievous occurrences that you certainly don’t want to happen. And it certainly won’t, if you have your home retrofitted properly.  

To protect your home from the dangers caused by an earthquake, it has to be securely bolted to the foundation. Doing so minimizes the movement of the structure as the earth shakes. This process is generally straightforward for retrofitting experts as they have the skills, tools, and equipment to make sure that every corner of your home is secured and that it will not fall down like a deck of cards when an earthquake strikes.  

Benefits of Retrofitting  

There’s no direct guarantee that retrofitting your home will make it 100% earthquake proof. But it will certainly give it better chances against possible damages. If there’s something that you can do to increase your family’s chance to safety, you’ll definitely take it. Retrofitting is your guard against earthquakes, particularly the low-intensity ones that strike California quite frequently. The series of low-intensity earthquakes can slowly damage properties. If these small damages are not inspected, mitigated, and retrofitted right away, then high are the chances that a more substantial destruction will occur when the next earthquake strikes.  

Don’t let that happen to you. If you need retrofit SF, call the experts right away. There are a handful of reputable companies that offer this service in San Francisco and you definitely want to schedule an inspection. That’s the first step to make sure that your home is safe and that you don’t have to worry about what may happen if an earthquake strikes again.